Junior Club Champion Awards Update November

The first race offering points towards the junior club championship awards was last weekend at the Left bank triathlon. There were a bunch of Fremantle club members racing with some great results from our juniors. Notable results go to Bianca Petite, Joel Keeble, Hayden Clarke, Abby Ouwendyk, Luke Burrows, Brooke McCoy and Aaron Houghton; who all finished on the podium of their categories. Great race guys!

We have some early leaders on the points table from this first race; we had 3 athletes posting a win in their category. Don’t forget there are 9 races where you can score points with your 4 best results counting; so plenty of chances to get some points.

For the seniors of the club the first points race is the Mandurah Interclub on the 29th Nov which also provides bonus points for all participants.

More info on the club championship awards can be found here: http://ftc.org.au/racing/


Junior Club Champion points tally after race 1 of 9:


Aaron Houghton 20

Joel Keeble 20

Abby Ouwendyk 20

Hayden Clarke 15

Bianca Petite 15

Luke Burrows 10

Brooke McCoy 10

Sophie Clarke 6

Zoe Dawson 5

Phoebe McGillivray 1

Matthew Dickson 1

Junior Club Champion Awards Update November

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