Get to know our members: Mickey Holland

Meet the man behind the reason we all look so good when we race and support each other for every km – the Kit mat!

Name: Mickey Holland

Position: Kit man

Why I tri: Triathlon is not just about racing, it is a lifestyle that breeds good habits and I love that day-to-day feel of training and staying healthy. I actually love all that part of it more than the racing. I got into triathlon after becoming bored with just running and going to the gym and was attracted by the fact you have to train for three disciplines so it never becomes boring. If you are sick of running, focus on the bike for a couple of weeks and vice versa. The various race distances also mixes it up and one season you can keep it short, the next go longer. I guess variety is the spice of life! And at the end of the day you are pushing your mind and body to places you never thought possible, I think that is the real reason we all do it. I hope it also sets a good example to my daughter, who will soon be knocking on the door of Trystars!

Favourite leg: A tough one. Should be the run but I’m usually dieing by that point, so I’m going with the bike!

Next event: City to Surf half marathon, Rotto long course.

Best advice to a budding triathlete: Swim like a shark is up your ass, ride like you stole it, and run like it is last orders and the bar is about to close! Don’t take it too seriously and keep smiling.
Why I love being part of FTC: Just to get the chance to train with and be in the company of our two pro members, who set a fine example to us all with their dedication and attitude to the sport. Brad Kenny and Daithi de Baroid you boys are an inspiration! Seriously, FTC is the definition of what a tri club should be. Doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a regular on the podium, you feel part of the club straight away and there are no big egos! Feels like one big family, go Freo!

Mickey Holland - CM


Get to know our members: Mickey Holland

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