Get to know our members: Sjoerd Algera

Introducing the man behind the money, our treasurer. One of the fastest guys going around who went 4.28 at his first 70.3.

Name: Sjoerd Algera (for pronunciation check
Position: Treasurer
Why I tri: I love the endurance aspect and the variety of the sport.
I used to do long distance ice speed skating in my home country the Netherlands. We would train for the winter season by running and cycling in summer, and the same as for triathlon, not always doing the same thing, keeps things interesting. Also I feel like in Perth I have arrived in triathlon Walhalla. There is amazing weather all year long. Swimming in the ocean, cycling around the rive or in the hills, running along the beach it just doesn’t get any better.
Favourite leg: A close call between cycling and running. I have always enjoyed cycling more, but my run has improved a lot over the last few years. Let’s say swimming is my least favourite leg.
Next event: City 2 Surf Marathon
Best advice to a budding triathlete: Keep it simple and enjoy it!
Why i love being part of FTC: In the first place the amazing group of people. But I also love the amount of training sessions the club provides and the fact you always find a training buddy on FB when going for casual run/ride or swim.


Get to know our members: Sjoerd Algera

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