Get to know our members: Daithi de Baroid

Before this club legend takes on Dublin 70.3 this weekend, find out a little more about Daithi De Baroid (including how to say his name) in our latest meet the committee profile.

Name: Daithi (pronounced da-hee)

Position: Coaching liaison

Why I tri: There’s a special challenge about combining three different sports that keeps this sport fresh, keeps the training varied and the racing challenging.

Favourite leg: Swim.. it 360ed with time from being the one i was scared of to the one I find most comfortable.

Next event: Dublin 70.3 this weekend

Best advice to a budding triathlete: Join and partake in club activities. The gains you make being pushed by others and the fun you’ll have doing it far surpasses doing it alone.

Why i love being part of FTC: It’s not like any other club in its aim to keep giving to its members and it’s family feel. It’s been amazing to he part of our explosion of success.

Cheer Daithi on this Sunday.

Daithi de Baroid - CM 2016-2017

Get to know our members: Daithi de Baroid

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