Member Perks

FTC is extremely fortunate to have the support of many local businesses as sponsors and affiliates within the community. We would like to thank each company for helping us and encourage our members to prioritise their services in the respective areas.

Do you have a promotion or deal you would like to share with members of FTC? Contact us through our committee channels to discuss adding your business to this page

Exercise Institute

Exercise Institute is pleased to offer Fremantle Triathlon Club members a 10% discount off testing and training services. Services include Running, Swimming and Cycling testing and training at our facility in West Perth.

In order to ‘kick-start’ this offer, we would also like to invite members to enrol in a discounted Individual Vo2max-power testing session on Saturday morning 21st January. Individual testing usually costs $80, however, we have discounted the fee to $30 for the session.
1hr sessional testing times are as follows:
7am- 8 persons
8am- 8 persons
9am- 8 persons
10am- 8 persons
In order to access this session please book online at:

Churchill Cycles

Rick and Matt are long time supporters of Fremantle Triathlon Club and have been helping with the preparation of our cyclists and bikes from first rides to big races. Show your TA membership card with FTC as your chosen club and access 15% off purchases (excludes bikes).


The Warehouse Fitness Centre

Located in South Fremantle, Anthony and his team of fitness coaches are dedicated to getting the best out of each and every athlete they meet. Many FTC members currently enjoy the facilities here already. We are delighted to add, for FTC members, that the Warehouse currently offers a 10 pass Spin Class deal for $50. Perfect to warm up the legs before work, you’ll commonly find us planning a BRICK session on our group page based on these sessions. Show your TA membership card with FTC as your chosen club and access this offer.