You can join the Fremantle Triathlon Club (FTC), via Triathlon Australia’s GOmembership portal. Click the link below to go directly to the portal to sign up and start your journey with FTC.

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Click here to access the triathlon Australia membership page for more information about the different types of memberships available

Membership Types and Fees 2023/24
FTC Component Triathlon Australia Component Total Annual Fee
Adult $65 Standard: $175
Basic: $115
Premium: $275
Standard: $240
Basic: $180
Premium: $340
Junior (12-19*) $30 Standard: $85
Basic: $60
Premium: $140
Standard: $115
Basic: $90
Premium: $170
Junior (5-11*) $30 Standard: $42.50
Basic: $32.50
Standard: $72.50
Basic: $62.50
Social $25 $11 $35
Join as a family and save

Receive a 20% discount on membership when you join as a family of 4 or more – with Premium, Standard or Basic core memberships.

Tri Before You Buy

If you are curious about triathlon or have ever wanted to give a triathlon club a go, Tri Before You Buy is a great way to get started. With two options available, you can test the waters at FTC before committing for a full season. Find more info here

How to Register

Follow this link: Join Now. This will take you to the GOmembership portal where you can complete your registration with FTC.

You will begin by entering your email address, and selecting the State or Territory Association that you wish to join. Regardless of the State or Territory Association that you select, you are becoming a member of the National Association and eligible to compete in events all across Australia.

You will then be taken to the personal information page where you will fill in your membership profile details. Within this section you will be asked:

To select a password. You should remember this as you will need your email address and password to log back into your membership account to update or change any details.

To confirm your age as at 31st December 2019*, this will determine the age group category that is shown on your membership card and the category that you will compete in during the season.
Whether you are a member of a club, or wish to join a club. This will determine the membership fee that you are charged.

Whether you are an accredited Technical Official or Coach. If selecting ‘yes’, you will be asked to include your NOAS/NCAS accreditation level and number.

Once you have filled in all of your personal information and clicked continue, you will then be taken to the Membership Fees page where you will be asked to select the relevant membership category for you.

You will then be asked to select a club membership category if the club that you previously nominated has incorporated their membership fee within our membership form.

Once you have selected the membership categories and pressed continue, you then have the option to add more people to your transaction, or to proceed to the payment stage.

At the payment stage, you will be asked to check your membership details, and tick to agree to the terms and conditions of membership. You will then be asked to enter your credit card information to make payment.

Once payment has been taken, you will receive a confirmation message, and a confirmation email will be sent to your email address. This will include your new 2019-20 membership number (an 8 digit number). You will receive your online membership welcome pack, including your membership ID card, within 4 weeks of registering as a member.

Important Notes

When completing a family membership, you should always select ‘Family’ as the category for all individuals. If you select various membership categories when trying to register a family, you will be charged for the sum of the various membership types as opposed to the one family fee.

Please note that you CAN use one email address to register more than one person. If using the same email address, you will be asked to either enter your password, or ‘Start a new registration’. If you would like to log back into your membership profile, then you should enter your password and click continue. If you would like to register another individual using the same email address then you should select ‘Start a new registration’.

You are able to use your membership confirmation email as proof of membership if you attend events before you have received your membership card.

Membership Cards

Membership cards are now issued digitally via email and will be with you after 23rd July 2020. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact TA on or 02 8488 6200