Training Plans

We are changing the way we do training plans! Starting with Ironman and 70.3, we will now have plans that can be applied to members TrainingPeaks (TP) accounts at anytime. Eventually, we want to have training plans for all endurance disciplines including sprint & olympic distance triathlon, as well as general running, cycling and swimming.

Now is the perfect time to start training for Ironman Western Australia and Ironman 70.3 Western Australia and there is no better way to do it than with our new plan.

Ironman & 70.3 Plans

Our Ironman & 70.3 plans are developed by internationally renowned coaches Mikael Eriksson and Lachlan Kerin of Scientific Triathlon. Mikael Eriksson is best known as the host of the weekly training podcast titled That Triathlon Show. Lachlan Kerin is a Triathlon Australia qualified coach and has been racing as a professional long-course triathlete for the last six years.

There are separate Ironman and 70.3 plans available, each running for 16 weeks. Both plans are designed for those who finish in the top 25-75% of the field. The plans also cater for low and high volume athletes. A high-volume athlete would likely do all sessions in the plan, but an athlete with less time to train will get some information on what to prioritise.

For those who want to use the plan for Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Western Australia 2019 it will start August 12th (or later). If you would like to use this plan for another event please contact me via the userform below so we can schedule the dates correctly for your TP account.

The plan requires a TrainingPeaks account (free). TrainingPeaks is a popular software for scheduling and analysing your training. More on how to set up your account below.

Get your plan now:

How to setup TrainingPeaks Account

TrainingPeaks (TP) is available on the web, mobile and desktop. Follow these steps to get the plan:

  1. Register an account with TrainingPeaks
  2. Connect your account to FTC coaching account by clicking on this link
  3. Once you’ve linked your account – let me know which plan you would like on Facebook (FTC members page)

Setting your Training Zones

To get the most out of your training you need to set your training zones so that the plan scales the intensity to match your current abilities. Training zones can be determined through field tests, lab tests or races. We will conduct field tests during our coached sessions at the start of the plan and at regular intervals to ensure you are progressing. 

FAQ (coming soon)

If you have any questions regarding training plans please submit them and we can address them in an FAQ.