Training Sessions

Fremantle Triathlon Club training sessions are provided by FTC and are for the benefit of our members. Our Monday and Wednesday swim sessions require pool entry to be paid and $5 to cover club lane rental. All other sessions are FREE FOR MEMBERS!

In addition to formal training sessions, FTC also features strength and conditioning sessions, brick sessions and uncoached group sessions as part of our weekly training options.

FTC Team App

The FTC Committee is excited to present to the members, the Fremantle Triathlon Club training app.
The app is designed for greater visibility on the club training schedules and events the club are
targeting throughout the coming season.
This has been designed as the one stop place for all your club training locations, intra-club & season
events and merchandise purchases.
The app is compatible on all mobile devices as well as desktop computers. To gain access complete
the following steps:

  1. For mobile devices go into your Play Store and download the “Team App” program.
  2. Create a user profile
  3. Search for Fremantle Triathlon Club
  4. Request access to the FTC Members Group
  5. Start enjoying the App

All the routine training sessions are found under the Schedule icon. At this stage there is FTC
Training but in time we expect to fill this with other specific training groups to cater for key
milestones throughout the year. Events both racing and non racing are in the events icon.
Limited edition items are linked within the app during the season. Look out in the news section for
when these become available.

You can view the web version of the Team App using the following link:

If you have any suggestions or improvements, please send an email to