Fremantle Triathlon Club

President’s Post

Welcome to Fremantle Triathlon Club and our web page. We are an all inclusive community-based triathlon club founded in the heart of Fremantle, yet now covering a wider area as our membership has grown. It is our goal to provide a fun and friendly environment where we welcome everyone. We aim to provide no/low-cost training sessions to allow as many people access to this wonderful sport through our friendly club.

Coached/Group Training Sessions

Fremantle Triathlon Club has various coached triathlon training sessions run by professional coaches, pro triathletes, or high performing age-groupers. We also have regular group triathlon training sessions where members train together in a fun and social atmosphere.

Want to Join?

Joining FTC is done as part of the registration under Triathlon Australia. Find more information about this on our membership page. If you are not sure about a full membership, we have TWO WEEK FREE TRIAL before members sign up so we would recommend taking the first step and contacting our membership officer or just turning up at any of the listed sessions on our training page or Facebook.

When and where do FTC members swim | bike | run? Training Sessions